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Partner Search Forum 2018

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Date: 22-23 March 2018
Place: Warsaw


Hosted and co-organised by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development.


To help project promoters to find the appropriate foreign partners to implement ESF transnational projects in the framework of 2018 co-ordinated calls. On the top of the plenary informative sessions the main emphasis will be put on triggering valuable discussions over the thematic tables, which will cover the following themes: Employment, Youth Employment, Inclusion, Social Economy, Governance, Learning and skills, Migrants.


10 countries, which declared issuing the call for transnational projects within the common framework in January-February 2018:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Portugal.


The project promoters from all Member States will be welcome to join the meeting upon registration. The meeting is free of charge (AEIDL and the Polish Ministry provide the room, catering and content), however the participants need to cover own travel and accommodation costs. PROJECT PROMOTERS SHOULD WAIT WITH BUYING THEIR FLIGHT TICKETS UNTIL RECEIVING THE FINAL CONFIRMATION IN FEBRUARY 2018.


If there will be less than 40 participants the event might be cancelled.


The registration is opened until 15th February 2018. In order to register the project promoter need to create his/her organisation profile and input his/her project idea on the online database: https://ec.europa.eu/esf/transnationality/ (Opens in new window).

and then fill in the following google form:
https://goo.gl/forms/pKBAkb0Yc6Z9QNED2 (Opens in new window).


The guidelines for project promoters on how to register own organisation and project idea: https://ec.europa.eu/esf/transnationality/content/quick-database-user-guide (Opens in new window)

Contact person

Aleksandra Kowalska (ako@aeidl.eu)

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Swedish transnational call

To the swedish transnational call.