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Transnational cooperation

Transnational cooperation in the European Social Fund is an important part of the project and the theme groups, which among other things aim to improve project outcomes and disseminate best practice both nationally and at EU level. 


The ESF Council has adopted a strategy to improve and deepen the transnational work, a new handbook has been prepared and a partner search activities for the Member States are carried out. The strategy has recently (October 2012) been revised, now also including a specific priority on the Baltic Sea Region.


The Swedish ESF Council's strategy for transnational cooperation with a particular focus on the Baltic Sea Region  


A special so-called transnational learning network has also been established at EU level, where, among the Member States, Sweden is involved. The Learning Network is working to develop manuals and tools for transnational cooperation.


The handbook has been developed in Poland by Transnational Cooperation Projects. A Guide for Project Promotors provides the basics which will be further developed/adapted by the network, but it already provides excellent support for the project participants within the ESF in all Member States.


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Partner search forum


A strategy to reinforce transnational co-operation and social innovation in the European Social Fund in Sweden


Guide Transnational Cooperation Projects. A Guide for Project Promotors.   


For further information on Transnational work in ESF in Europe, please go to www.transnationality.eu

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