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Quality certified development of Phase 3

The harsh climate in the labour market means that the weakest often end up in the third phase of the job and professional development guarantee. In close cooperation with the social economy, the SESAM project seeks to improve the quality of employment placements in phase three.


Projektanordnare Marie Gulle och Sofia Karlsson

Phase 3 organizers are given help in creating a model for quality assurance. Leading the SESAM project: Marie Gulle and Sofia Karlsson

- During the year the project has been underway we have practiced and tested, says Sofia Karlsson, project manager for SESAM. We are discussing matters with the organizers and we will create a quality assurance model, but we cannot say anything yet about its exact nature.

The project is owned by the Employment Service in Östersund and is working to coordinate the various actors in the third phase of the job and professional development guarantee in the labour market policy programme and the social economy in central Norrland. Using supervisor training and follow-up interviews, among other things, the project will deliver a working method that improves the quality of employment placements in phase three.

- We must be able to assure the quality of cooperation with the organizers, says Sofia Karlsson. It is largely about the organizers knowing what they are letting themselves in for, what is required of them and what they get in return.

Create coordination platform

The project will create a coordination platform to facilitate collaboration and communication between the actors and to find individually adapted employment placements in phase three.

In 2009 there were 2,268 companies registered in the social economy sector in central Norrland, according to SERUS (http://serus.se/) survey. Organizations in the social economy do not have profit as the primary goal, but benefits for members. They are small organizations with few employees but with the potential to take on individuals in phase three.

“The social economy represents what we are safeguarding,” says Marie Gulle of the Employment Service. “It has a different climate than for-profit organizations. Participants will be involved here in daily work and make their voices heard; that's what we want to achieve.”

Right now the project has 140 participants.

- Our goal is not to be quantitatively larger - we do not want to be a huge project, says Sofia Karlsson. We want to work with quality.

Fundamental values are one framework

It is about SESAM as a trade mark, a quality-certified approach. Fundamental values is one framework of the project and it goes hand in hand with values in the social economy: democratic thinking, equality, and seeing people.

The SESAM budget amounts to over  SEK 15 million, of which almost half is contributions from the Social Fund. The project works transnationally and has drawn inspiration from several organizations in the social economy.

- We wanted to look at projects that were transferable to our organizers, says Sofia Karlsson. We have brought many different elements into the project, such as making socio-economic balance sheets prior to procurement, for example. 

More information

Visit SESAM in projektbanken at esf.se.