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Newthinking healthcare project

The project Vårdnära Service


The project Vårdnära Service started 2015 with the mission to change the working methods within the healthcare in Norrbottens County. The project was cofounded by the European Social Fund with the target to develop a new working model that is better for the needs of the staff and for the healthcare pre-requisites. 


- In the healthcare profession there are many tasks that are not directly connected to the healthcare mission. It can for example be to clean, serve meals or to help with other practical needs. This leads to lack of time for nurses and enrolled nurses, and is what we try to change by educate new staff that work exclusively with these kind of tasks. That way we create more time fore the healthcare staff, reduce the work load and increase the safety of healthcare, says the project manager Lisette Sällström.


The core meaning of the project is to have the right person at the right place – healthcare shall provide healthcare and service shall provide service. The idea of the project has been received with enthusiasm and within the region the expectations are high. The prospect is that hiring new healthcare staff in combination with developed tasks for the already existing staff shall answer to the need to increase the care spaces in Norrbotten and a better work environment.


The project involves a change both at organization- and employee level, where all of us that are concerned form a new way of looking at our roles at work. The project is also a tool for us to become an employer that is better at gender equality and to create working conditions for employees with diverse preconditions, continues Sällström.


Today the project Vårdnära Service is in the leading edge of applying the working method and the interest from other actors in the country is big. Last spring a conference was conducted where the work was presented to the other counties and the 16th November the project was presented to the health and Healthcare Minister Gabriel Wikström (S).


Lars-Erik Sjöblom, region manager at the Swedish ESF council emphasizes the importance of the project that is financed by the European Social Fund.


- Vårdnära Service is one of many examples that project, that we finance, is an important part of developing the labour market. By enabling the implementation of new ideas outside the ordinary mission, we create a ground for the regional growth. In the extension good projects can be taken care of, implemented and create positive effects in form of more and better job opportunities, says Lars-Erik Sjöblom.
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