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Integration project with a platform of learning

The project Integration Halland


Project Integration Halland will work with integration in six municipalities in Halland during the next tree years. The project is financed by the European Social Fund and has its background in the massive increase of asylum-seeking in Sweden. 


In Hylte they haft succeeded well with the work of integration. The municipality received for example the award “The municipality of the year at integration 2010”. It is also the municipality that in relation to its population has received the largest amount of refugees during the years of 2013 and 2014.


The most important part of the project is to develop a common platform of learning, where the municipalities can highlight good examples and learn from each other. The platform of learning is expected to improve the quality of work with the refugees, to give long term positive effects for the participating organizations and to improve for the individuals.


The project will also have activities in the six municipalities based on the municipalities own needs and challenges. It can for example be early efforts, mentorship or health profiles. The project has for a couple of months had an analyze phase and will, in the beginning of 2016, proceed to implementation phase.


The project manager Emma Gröndahl says that the biggest challenge in the project will be to get all the partners to keep focus on the challenge to get more refugees to get work and not get stuck in the first phase when a refugee comes to Sweden.



- The most positive thing about the project during the analyze phase has been the genuine engagement for and in the target group, both from the municipalities but also from the business sector, the civil society and the target group itself, says Emma Gröndahl.



There is a large request of the platform of learning that the project is implementing and all the partners can see large advantages of the increased cooperation that will come with the project.

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